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Gamespot Article on Lost Video Game

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While Lost continues to be a major television hit, very little of its video game incarnation has been revealed. The first trailer was shown at Comic-Con 2007, giving a glimpse of what gamers can expect from the gameplay.

UK magazine Xbox World 360 has now revealed further details about Lost: The Video Game, based on interviews with three of the game's development team. Lost is built using a version of the GRAW 2 engine, which has been modified to deal with the "organic" environments of the island. While primarily a third-person adventure game, there will be a first-person view to enable the player to search for clues.

As previously revealed in GameSpot's preview, gamers will play as a survivor of the crash of flight 815--but Xbox World 360 reports that the character for the game will not be taken directly from the TV show. You will play as Elliott and must explore the characters own past (using flashbacks) to overcome a severe case of amnesia, as well as finding your way off the island. Characters from the TV show are also likely to be found at different stages within the game, however.

According to the magazine, there will be no online multiplayer aspect to the game, but the developers are "definitely looking to provide downloadable content via Xbox Live."

Source: Gamespot

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