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Daniel Dae Kim's Latest Blog

Yes, Daniel Dae Kim has a blog and it is on MySpace....in his latest post he mentions how Season 4 filming is going and relays a message from Jorge Garcia on why he left MySpace.

No real spoiler about S4, just that FFs make season 4 really interesting.


Hi everyone-
I wanted to drop you all a line to say hi, and to answer some of the latest questions I'd been getting from you through e-mail and comments.

First off, season 4 is going great. I know it must be hard for some of you to wait until February to see what we've been up to, but I think the new episodes will be worth it. We've got some really intriguing new characters, some cool new storylines, and my favorite new element of LOST, more flash forwards. It's been interesting to see where our characters end up in the future. You might be surprised by what you learn...

Speaking of surprises, some of you have asked what happened to my compatriot, Jorge Garcia's MySpace page, and he asked me to relay a message to everyone. He says thanks to those of you who joined his page, but the work required to maintain it just became too much. He started up a blog though, and invites everyone to check it out. You can read his thoughts on MySpace, as well as on other topics here:


I have to say that on some level, I can relate. MySpace definitely has it's downside. It is hard to keep up with, and some of the correspondence is um... let's just say it's absolutely necessary to approve everything before it gets posted. That's not even taking into account the spam issue, which is getting to be a bigger problem every day. I have to admit, there have been more than a few occasions where I thought of shutting my page down as well. Please know though, that if that ever happens, by far the part I will miss the most is having the chance to communicate with friends and fans in a way that before the internet, wasn't even a possibility.

Anyway, enough of that maudlin stuff. On a brighter note, next week I'm off to Korea! I've been invited to the Pusan International Film Festival to attend opening night and speak on a panel. The Pusan Film Festival has really emerged as the premiere festival in Asia, and it'll be the first time I've been back since the show started. I'm really looking forward to it. And since I was born in Pusan, I might even get the chance to catch up with some relatives I haven't seen in a while. Wish me luck!

So that's it for now. Hope I'm not boring you too much with my miscellaneous thoughts and ramblings. Feel free to send comments and feedback, and even if I can't respond, I promise I'll do my best to read everything you take the time and effort to write. You guys have been so great and supportive. I hope you know how much it is appreciated.

Here's to a great October, and mahalo!

Source: DDK Blog@MySpace

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