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There are certain moments when I think to myself, My job so does not suck.

One such moment just went down, after I emailed Dominic Monaghan the following question from a reader, Melissa Bier in NYC:

I already miss Charlie on Lost. What is Dom up to this summer/fall? Any new roles? Is he really in talks to do a nature show? What is next for him? Any chance he will be back on Lost?

Dom, in all his awesomess, took no time to shoot back a friendly little response, saying he will be "presenting, narrating, cowriting and producing some nature shows, which wil be seen here in the U.S. on one of the top nature-based networks." He also said he's reading a bunch of scripts right now, "yoga-ing my body to the point where I can float and counting the hours till the next episode of Dexter."

I'm not sure which is more awesome, the fact that:

a. Somewhere in NYC, Melissa Bier is squealing right now
b. Dominic is a Dexter fan (the best drama on TV right now!)
c. Dom talked about floating, which makes me think Charlie could very well resurface above Lost's murky waters in a future episode!

Now, who wants to help start a campaign to get Dom on Dex? Would be awesome, no?

Source: eonline

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