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Lost star Dominic Monaghan is beginning to wonder if there IS life after Evangeline Lilly. Last Friday Dominic was in the very hot crowd who went to see The Ting Tings at The Roxy. Since he and his girlfriend Evangeline are history, Dominic was with a buddy and ON THE PROWL. A witness said "He tried to pick up every pretty girl in sight. Time after time he offered to buy girls drinks and they turned him down. He invited girls to join him at his table and they weren't interested. No one would give him the time of day. Finally one girl confronted him saying "Don't you have a girlfriend?" He responded "Don't you read TMZ? I don't have one any more!" The girls didn't believe him ( they must be fans of Evangeline.) Our witness said Dominic became very frustrated and eventually left alone.

Source: janetcharltonshollywood.com

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