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StarPulse is running a two-part interview with Michael Emerson, who discusses his popularity in Hawaii, the evolution of his character, working with the other actors.

Below is just a snippet:

Last season we learned Ben was involved in killing the DHARMA members and his father, and he shot Locke. So what does that say about his mental state?
Well, we'd have to separate each of those acts and look at them individually. That particular episode was laden with violence.

It was shocking. It was great TV when I was watching that episode.
And it sort of shook my own vision of the character I'm playing. That's the only time I ever had to have a little chat with the writers just to make sure we were all on the same page. I told them, 'Have I been skipping down the primrose path?' Here with the naïve notion my character may someday be revealed to be a great freedom fighter and a man with a heroic mission, and they said, 'No, no. Keep thinking that.' The story is not over yet. There's more to be told, and some of the events of that episode will be recontextualized in future episodes. So again I just continue to play as if we're going to see Ben in a different light. Someday.

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Swing by here tomorrow for Part 2 of the interview.

Source: StarPulse.com

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