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Reason's to be thankful this TV season

Well, tubers, it's that time. Time to start loosening that belt, mashing those yams and roasting the delicious Tofurkey that will no doubt flawlessly complement your Aunt Margaret's pickled Jell-O salad surprise. (Or maybe it's time to figure out how you're gonna get out of the whole Thanksgiving dinner thing?)

It's also time to pause and take stock in all the glorious reasons for which we can be thankful.

And since this here column is all about all the things we can bow down to worship on the almighty small screen, allow me to share with you a few things that myself and my cohorts in TV-loving crime, Korbi Ghosh and Jennifer Godwin, are especially thankful for this season.

Why? 'Cause we want to. (And we're gonna give you all the chance to do the same! But first, listen up…)

Jen Is Thankful For:
That son of a bitch Sawyer and his crazy girlfriend Kate—those two are epic.

Kristin Is Thankful For:
Writer-producers like Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse and Tim Kring, who have every right to hate the spoiler-spilling press and hate-spewing fans but still treat all of us with more kindness and respect than some members of our own family. (Plus, they keep doing what they do even though most of us in the same position would have suffered nervous breakdowns and been institutionalized long ago.)

Also vote for lost coming back on eonline for the poll : "What are you most thankful for this TV season?"

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