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Thanks to Josh for the interview.

Which is your favorite episode of LOST?
I really like the Pilot since it sets the tone for the whole series.

So far how many episodes have you been in? Have you been in any Season 4 episodes, yet?
I have no idea. I’ve spoke in two and been seen in many. (even after "Scott" died lol)

Who are your favorite characters on LOST?
Hmmm I like each of them for what they are. Very diverse group we have here. There’s the black father that wasn’t there for his kid, the dominant Korean man, rockstar, science vs faith guys, even an ambiguously gay couple. <---figure that one out lol.

Which of the other actors do you get along with the most?
Harold. We both ride motorcycles so we talk about them and riding.

Were you surprised when you saw the Season 3 finale? Did you think it was a good idea to end it the way they did?
Since I know what happens in Season 4 I must say that yes season 3 ended the right way. Without that info you may think it should have ended differently but no, it shouldn’t have.

Lots of people died (or appeared to have died) in the Season 3 finale, including a fan favorite and original lostie, Charlie played by Dominic Monaghan. How did you feel about his death? And more importantly, do you think he’ll be back?
It’s always sad to see an original get killed. I wouldn’t be surprised though to see him come back. There’s some crazy medical and science stuff in this show.

About another death that happened in the finale, do you think Mikhail (Patchy) is gone for good this time?
We actually talked about it and my friends and I aren’t sure. It was sort of a death that he could have maybe got out of. I’m not sure though. He’s a great guy in real life so I hope to see him again.

As you probably know, McFarlane made most of the cast into action figures. Do you collect them? If so, which one is your favorite?
I don’t BUT if there was one of me then I’d have to buy out the store. How cool is that to have an action figure of yourself?!?! My grandkids for like ten generations would get them from me lol.

The LOST Video game will be hitting stores sometime in February, I hear. Are you excited for that?
If it’s done right then its going to be awesome. If you can go on different adventures around the island it will be fun. Hopefully its not cheesy or gives away too many clues.

Can you give us anything concerning Season 4? The hiatus is killing us!
The writers strike is killing us lol. Hmmm Season 4......we are definitely not alone.
We get to meet a lot of new characters this season but we don’t know if they are who they say they are. It’s going to be fun to watch. I heard it may only be 8 shows though since the writers still aren’t talkin and we aren’t workin. We may not come back till season 5.

What other Movies/TV Shows can we see you in?
*attach resume here lol.....I’ve done background in many shows and stand-in in others. Here’s one to look for. In about 2003 I think Even Stevens "The Stevens get Even" movie thing for TV you can see me dancing like an idiot by the chiefs dinner for the Stevens family after they destroy something. My brother called me up and say dude I see you on TV at the hotel he worked at. He then made fun of me. I’ve never seen it personally lol. Some things are left in the past lol.

Thank you so much for doing this interview! It means a lot to the whole lostspoilers.org community! Is there anything else you’d like to say to all your Hungarian LOST fans out there?
This summer I’m trying to help others throughout the world. Check out www.dustinwatchman.com and lend me a hand.

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