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Matthew Fox is on his way to Australia to promote his upcoming movie Vantage Point and of course LOST. So for all of you "Foxy" fans in Australia, keep your eyes and ears open.

If you see Fox make an appearance, please let us know and we will get it posted.

NOTE: I do not know why the article states "40" episodes are left, maybe they already have accounted for the 8 in Season 4?

IF you're the type who could get Lost in actor Matthew Fox's chocolate eyes, have we got news for you.

The Party Of Five pin-up is due in town next week to promote the Channel 7 series and his upcoming flick, Vantage Point (due out on March 31).

With 40 episodes left until Lost is lost to audiences forever, this season marks the beginning of the end. An appearance on Sunrise is likely, so fans should stayed tuned for details.

source: Daily Telegraph

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