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Thanks to Neil for the following.

The nominees for the annual TV IV awards are up and Lost has been recognized in several categories. The nominees are all compiled by proposals from site visitors and all the shows / actors with the most proposals are then up for the award. All site visitors can then vote for their favorite.

Lost has been nominated in the following categories:

Best Drama Series:
- Lost

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series:
- Michael Emerson
- Terry O'Quinn
- Dominic Monaghan
- Matthew Fox

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series:
- Evangeline Lilly
- Elizabeth Mitchell
- Yunjin Kim
- Kiele Sanchez

Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series:
- M.C. Gainey
- Andrew Divoff

Best Guest Actress in a Drama Series:
- L.Scott Caldwell
- Mira Furlan

Best Individual Episode of a Drama Series:
- The Brig
- The Man Behind The Curtain
- Through The Looking Glass

Here is the link for anyone interested in voting:

Source: TVIV

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