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Okay, so that headline up there may be a wee bit misleading. We didn't actually find Lost's Charlie on the show or anything (we'll leave that to Hurley's delusions), but rather his much-loved alter ego, Dominic Monaghan.

Dominic is here in L.A. this week to unveil "Happy Accidents," a photography exhibit that showcases some very cool stills Dom himself has taken—some featuring a few friends you know, like Matthew Fox, Jorge Garcia and Elijah Wood.

The best part? If you live in L.A., you can see the exhibit for yourself, anytime from this Friday through Mar. 27 at the Hamilton-Selway Fine Art gallery in West Hollywood. (Get more info and see an online gallery of Dom's work here.)

I'll also be taking all your questions to Dom tomorrow night, when I hit the gallery for an intimate little one-on-one tour of his work. Check back for a video clip later this week, so you can see what the exhibit is like, and what Dom is up to (hint: new movie gig—Wolverine).

So email me your questions (tvdiva@eonline.com), stay tuned, and start planning a trip to WeHo if you're nearby...

Source: E! Online

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