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TV’s steamiest love scenes

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Nothing too R-rated… we think

Spring means a lot of things. Cleaning out your closets, shopping for summer clothes and desperately trying to lose those extra hibernation pounds all remind me of the end of winter. With that said, there’s something about the fresh scent of budding flowers and the sweet sound of robins chirping that make everyone want to get it on!

So in celebration of mating season, make a fire, pour yourself a glass of wine and put that little satin number on that I’ve heard so much about. Here are TV's 10 hottest hook-up scenes that had me running for a cold shower. Enjoy!

10. Seth and Summer’s Spider-Man kiss (The O.C.)
The Steam Factor: Ripping off a movie never looked so good.
So in Spider-Man, the male component was an actual superhero and not a nerdy high-school kid fixing a satellite on his parent’s roof. Nonetheless, upside down, soaking wet, plagiarizing, who cares? As long as it’s smoldering, it’s fine by me.

9. Tim and Lyla’s Texas temptation (Friday Night Lights)
The Steam Factor: Hot, hate makeout sessions with the misunderstood, bad boy football player.
Little Miss Jason Street was optimistic during her boyfriend’s recovery but a bitter outburst sent her straight into the arms of his best friend. A few half-hearted punches and “I hate yous” turned into a passionate kiss that would start a very juicy love triangle.

8. Serena and Nate’s bar-top romp (Gossip Girl)
The Steam Factor: The young and rich of the Upper East Side give into temptation.
What made S leave town? Sure, it had to do with a lot of things but the main reason would have to be her romance with Blair’s boy toy, Nate. You may ask how these underage kids got into a bar, found themselves alone at the bar or end up kissing face against said bar, but when it’s hot, you don’t ask questions.

7. Nathan and Haley’s rainy make-up session (One Tree Hill)
The Steam Factor: Does it get any hotter then making out in the rain?
Who wasn’t rooting for this couple to get back together? Haley jumps into Nathan’s arms in the middle of the pouring rain while every Hill fan was left wide-eyed and gawking. Why go inside when a perfectly good car hood is going unused? Very scandalous, plus the move back into the bedroom only got better.

6. Nico and Kirby Atwood’s nylon-ripping adventure (Lipstick Jungle)
The Steam Factor: The sexiness that is ripping a perfectly good pair of nylons.
It all started when Kirby decided to give Nico his digits the unconventional way: writing them on her inner thigh. The only thing hotter was the nylon-tearing shenanigans that took place on an office desk. What came out of it? Hot memories and a sexual harassment suit. Well worth it, in my opinion.

5. Sam and Madison’s love-hate relationship (Supernatural)
The Steam Factor: Sleeping with a dangerous and somewhat mythological enemy.
So what if she’s a werewolf who tried to kill him during an unfortunate transformation during a full moon? What’s important is she went fangless and hairless for enough time to jump in the sack with this dreamy hunk of man. The scratches and scars that were inflicted by her alter ego only added to this smokin’ hot love scene.

4. Kate and Sawyer’s caged romance (Lost)
The Steam Factor: Giving into those primal urges when all hope has sailed away.
Kate and Sawyer are in a sticky situation. They are caged on some unknown island with nowhere to run and no one to find them. What’s a girl to do? In a moment of panic and fear, these two managed to take their mind off their terrifying surroundings and get it on right there in their cage. Now that’s what I call jungle fever.

3. Carrie and Mr. Big’s first affair (Sex and the City)
The Steam Factor: When good people do really, really naughty things.
How do you choose one hook-up scene from such a fabulously scandalous show? After Carrie gives up the fight that Big was the man for her, a rustle in the bed sheets opened up a can of worms that I’m sure glad Miss Bradshaw decided to open. Finish it off with a cigarette and Carrie’s back to all her old bad habits.

2. John and Gabrielle lay it all out on the table (Desperate Housewives)
The Steam Factor: Hot supermodel pounces on the unsuspecting hired help.
Perhaps she grew bored of her lack of attention from her husband but I need no explanation on why Gaby decided to seduce this sexy gardener. Throwing her on a handcrafted Italian table worth thousands of dollars only added to the fantasy. Now that’s what I call a Christmas bonus.

1. Meredith and Derek’s after-hours exam (Grey’s Anatomy)
The Steam Factor: Nothing beats a passionate love scene than one in the workplace.
“Oh Meredith, I want you but I’m a married man.” “Oh Derek, I want you but I’m dating a very sexy veterinarian.” Isn’t it great when two people who just can’t, finally do? The exam room chair, the hair-pulling and the black panties leave me no choice but to place these two in the No. 1 spot.

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