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Here is an interesting article about Michel Emerson and picking an episode to submit for the Emmy's.

The article confirms a minor spoiler for this week's episode so we are posting the article behind a "Read More" button. So if you do not mind reading a minor spoiler, check out this article:

Few will argue the depth of Michael Emerson's talent. But the versatile actor -- whose stage credits outweigh his television and feature film experience -- says the environment makes his job easier.

"No acting required when you're standing in a 40-mile-an-hour gale at Makapuu," he says, chuckling. "You lean into the wind, you hope you don't fall. There's stinging rain or the crashing surf behind you. You have to yell. It's just sort of there. Because if you were doing a play, you would have to enact all of that stuff."

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