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So last week's episode of LOST moved to a new time slot behind ABC's "powerhouse" show Grey's Anatomy and most of the industry was curious how the new ABC lineup would hold up!? Well ABC did win Thursday night's ratings war and LOST held it's own. LOST actually saw an increase of an additional 1Million+ viewers this week for a total of 12 Million for the Ben flash forward episode.

Also, LOST held strong in the weekly TV Ratings for last week finishing in the Top 15 as seen in the Nielsen rankings chart (click to enlarge).

With fans raving about last week's time traveling adventures with Ben episode, hopefully LOST will get a slight jump for this week's episode.

NOTE: LOST usually adds about 3-4 million additional viewers, once time-adjusted or DVR/Online viewers are added into the numbers later.

Source: The ODI

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