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If Matthew Fox looked a bit bushed at the "Speed Racer" junket this week, no wonder.

He hopped a red-eye from Hawaii, after a late-night "Lost" shoot, to participate in the press promo this week.

Here's what the exhausted star had to say about living in Hawaii, leaving L.A. and what the heck "Lost" is all about.

DR: Is it nice shooting "Lost" in Hawaii and being removed from all the L.A. craziness?

MF: Absolutely. I think if I was shooting the show in L.A., I think it would be a lot harder. I’ve always sort of felt that if I ever reached a point where I had paparazzi following me around or posted outside my house, it would be time for me to leave. I’m trying to do the thing that I love to do and be a part of it and provide for my family and do it in a way that's not jumping into their lives. And I think we're doing a pretty good job right now. Every now and then something happens where my kids are photographed, which is just weird and upsetting to me, especially if I’m not there, you know?

DR: What will happen after "Lost?" Will you move back to L.A.?

MF: I won’t be back in L.A. After Hawaii, we're going to be moving onto a different place. We still have our house in Los Angeles but we will eventually sell it. I don’t have anything against L.A. It’s got a lot of great things to offer. We just felt like we kind of wanted to be out of there by the time our daughter gets to high school. And she’s 11, so we're not very far away.

DR: Do you have a theory about "Lost?"

MF: I do. But I don’t really talk about it. You know, my theory is definitely colored by things that I do know. You know. I know a bit so my theory is not just…

DR: Are you told everything?

MF: Not everything. There is knowing how you get from point A to point B and then there’s knowing all the exact details of how you get there. I don’t know everything but I know a little bit.

DR: Do you see yourself working on "Lost" for much longer?

MF: Unless Jack Shepard dies, which is possible. But you know, the show, we have two more seasons. After we're done with this year, we will have like 32, 33 episodes to do, I guess and it's going to be really good fast, a lot of momentum. The show has really been moving this year and I think that’s been exciting for the audience as well.

DR: Any new films coming up?

MF: I’m going to take a break this summer. I’ve been working nonstop. I’ve done four films and "Lost" over the past two years. I did two films in the previous hiatus. All summer it was with "Speed Racer" and back and forth and I really haven’t stopped. So I’m taking a breather.

Source: LA Times

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