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We gave him one day and one goal: Become a race-car driver. Here's his six-step plan to mastering any new skill

Matthew Fox and two buddies pull up in a dark SUV that's sheathed in heavily tinted glass. The front passenger-side window glides down, revealing -- in true movie-star fashion -- a stone-faced Fox behind an oversized pair of mirrored Ray-Bans. The inside of the car is a vast, inky blackness that contrasts deeply with the sun-blasted desert around us.

The actor looks pissed, perhaps because I sort of forgot to pick him up at the hotel earlier that morning. (It was an honest miscommunication.) Or maybe he's just trying to figure out if I'm the guy he's supposed to meet. Or perhaps he's feeling apprehensive, aware that this day could easily end in public humiliation.

Like his character Jack Shephard, leader of the traumatized, haunted passengers of Oceanic Air flight 815 in ABC's blockbuster series Lost, Fox has just crash-landed in an alien environment. We're 80 miles from Hollywood -- and 2,600 miles from his home on Oahu -- at Willow Springs International Raceway, an automotive racetrack known for ejecting both timid and overconfident drivers far into the desert sand. Waiting for Fox in the pit is Patrick Long, his instructor for the next 8 hours. A gifted young driver of mind-bendingly fast Porsche race cars, Long will race full-time this season as part of Penske Racing's American Le Mans Series team.

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Source: Men's Health

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