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I’ve been incredibly busy this past week with several projects. One of them was moving the entire VELFILM website to another hosting provider, including the blog and databases (everything is done now and should load noticeably faster). The other was sorting and editing stills I took in Vail and sending out DVDs to the clients. I’m also in the planning stages for an event I will be shooting next week, as well as a couple of personal projects… Things at VELFILM are moving at a pretty fast pace for the moment, but I will try to update the blog as often as I can. Meanwhile, rather than posting hundreds of images from the Vail Film Festival, I created this little slideshow with some of the highlights. It features actors Jeremy Davies, Jesse Eisenberg, Olivia Wilde, Adrian Grenier, William Apotherer, Tim Daly; LA’s Hotel Cafe musicians Anya Marina, Greg Laswell, Jay Nash, Buddy; and many of the filmmakers, sponsors and attendees of the Vail Film Festival.

Note: This embedded video is compressed at low-resolution. If you would like to view the full HD version, click on the following link to watch it on Vimeo: 2008 Vail Film Festival Slideshow. You can also click here to download the full-size HD Quicktime file (MP4, 1280×720, 169.05MB). Enjoy!

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