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"Everybody's fascinated by the mythology, but we actually probably spend more time really discussing the characters," "Lost" executive producer Carlton Cuse said.

Co-creator Damon Lindelof said the monster has been the most frequent subject of questions about the series. So much so that the writers have developed a rule: Each time they show the smoke monster, they reveal more about its nature.

"Once the show is all said and done, will there still be an interpretive quality to what the monster is? Of course. But that's not our fault," Lindelof said. "Because we think we definitively answer questions on the show all the time, and people still go 'Yeah, but what is it?' If a guy came walking out of the jungle and said, 'I'll tell you exactly what the monster is: It's this, this, this, this and this,' the audience would go, 'Who's that guy?' "

Source: LVRJ

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