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Thanks to mutter for the following.

Josh Holloway on Beyaz Show (in Istanbul)
On Friday night Josh appeared on a very popular talk show in Turkey. He had a lot of fun, he was really friendly and modest. It was funny that the woman who was interpreting for Josh couldn't keep her words and said "ohh, he is so cute!" in Turkish, when he was talking about his wife.

Beyaz, the host of the show presented some gifts to him.

-A box of Turkish delight for Hurley
-A knife for John
-Some napkins for Aaron
-Belly-dancing clothes for Josh's wife
-Prayer Beads with rose fragrance for Sayid
-First aid kit for Jack
-A photo on which Beyaz's phone number is written for Kate :)



If interested, youtube links for the parts of the Josh in which Josh participated.


The show got the top ratings among all the TV programmes on that day.

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