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I got Josh and Evie interview in my French tv program (the one i put cover below)

Romain Duris’s wife in the French movie “Afterwards” by Gilles Bourdos, this Canadian French-speaking girl is, at almost 30, one of the most promising actresses of Hollywood.

Did you know what was going to happen to you in this 4th season?
Our writers are really sparing with details about our future. When we receive the script – we’ve got to give it back and we can’t copy it – we learn what the future holds in store for us. It’s better to find out what’s going to happen to Kate day after day than to know that she’s going to die or any other bad news! I wouldn’t play her in the same way if I knew!

Has “Lost” really launched your career?
The show opened me all the doors, I insist: ALL the doors! I could paint, write about my life, put my face on thousands of products, be in movies. I’m extremely lucky, so since I’m loyal, I’ll stay until the end of my contract, in 2009, even if others leave.

Which way will you choose afterwards?
This terrifies me: What to choose? I was launched after 3 silent roles, and now I’m on the top of the bill! There is so much pressure in Hollywood that I sometimes envy the unknown girl I was before. Every morning, someone is waiting for me at my door so I can be the star of “Lost”. Do I really look like this in my old patched blue jeans, with my shopping bag? I’d like to exile myself in France because even in Paris, I’m in peace. Some day I asked my way because I was lost and the guy didn’t recognize Kate. All that he saw was a lost tourist! Lost but…….happy!

Josh holloway (sawyer)
During a press conference last spring this Californian of 29 (yes i know but we can’t blame them lol josh is hot and he could be only 30 lol) who was elected the sexiest man on tv in 2007 answered some privileged people including us.

Is that true that your role as Sawyer has been a real miracle for you ?

I’ve waited for this role for 10 years ! If it hadn't been for this agent who was looking for a guy for a hair-style magazine, I would have given up on everything. With my wife, yessica, we couldn’t even pay the drafts of the house. And then there was Sawyer ! Did you know that 5 others actors of the show did an audition for the same role?

Isn’t your wife too jealous of your sometimes “hot” scenes with Kate ?
Absolutely not ! She’s even come several times on the set. Weird thing, it’s with evangeline she has sympathized the most doing shopping together. And also, Yessica knows how to make unforgettable massages, I don’t think Kate can do as good.

In this 4th opus, are you satisfied by Kate and Sawyer getting closer?
With Evangeline, we’re very good friends. It’s always better to have intimate scenes with an actress you feel pretty cool with. What satisfies me and gets us close too, is that we’re not part of the list of the real disappeared ones of opus 4. Remember, at the beginning we were 48 survivors...Today, after the strike, Kate and I think we’re REAL survivors !

source : Lyly Ford blog

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