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Daniel Dae Kim Visits the Capitol

D.C.ers - keep your eyes peeled!
WASHINGTON -- No smoke monster, polar bear or Dharma Initiative bunker was in sight when "Lost" star Daniel Dae Kim showed up in a Big Country congressman's office Monday.
The square-jawed actor who plays the often quiet but always expressive Jin-Soo Kwon simply wanted a tour of the Capitol without getting, well, lost.
Kim is a friend of a friend of Jeff Burton, the chief of staff for U.S. Rep. Mike Conaway. Burton arranged for the tour.
"Normally they would have met the congressman, as well," Burton said. "But (he) was back in Texas."
While touring the Capitol, Kim was with his wife and two sons, and another couple and their two children.

"They were very, very nice," said Victoria Vickery, the staff assistant who gave Kim and his party the tour.
Kim's older son was really excited, Vickery said.
"He couldn't believe he got to go onto the House floor," she said.
Dressed in a baseball cap and T-shirt, Kim was as incognito as a scheming "other" pretending to be a crash survivor from Oceanic Air flight 815. Indeed, during the lengthy wait to get into the Capitol for a tour, no one asked for his autograph.
"I don't know how much he was even recognized," Vickery said of the actor named one of People magazine's Sexiest Men Alive in 2005.
Kim didn't go unnoticed by Conaway's legislative director and "Lost" fan Scott Graves. He took the opportunity to shake Kim's hand and pose for a quick picture.

"It was a neat experience getting to meet him," Graves said.
But he didn't get a chance to ask for any plot points for the next season of the hard-to-categorize television show set partly on a mysterious island.
This isn't the first time celebrities have stepped into the Midland Republican's office, including Herschel Walker, former running back for the Dallas Cowboys, Burton said. But usually the congressman's high-profile guests come calling on business.

"This wasn't issue based," Burton said of Kim's visit. "This was just some folks who wanted to see the nation's Capitol. -- Staff report
Source: Reporternews.com

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