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6. Henry Ian Cusick/Terry O’Quinn (Lost)
Category: Supporting Actor, Drama Series

One is last year’s winner, who wasn’t really given any material this season to justify another win but remained strong enough to at least make the Top 10 list. The other is a performer who starred in the highlight episode of the season, the time-bending “The Constant,” and proved his value to the cast in that moment. Both, however, are missing from the Top 11 names, and both are rather awful oversights. O’Quinn got burned by the fact that his flashback episode is mostly about his childhood as opposed to his adulthood (And thus he’s played by younger actors), and Cusick just didn’t have enough Emmy credibility to make it onto the list. Regardless, they’re just the beginning of the rather awful oversight of a lot of Lost performers.

8. Yunjn Kim/Evangeline Lilly (Lost)
Categories: Supporting/Lead Actress, Drama Series

The narrative on Lost this year was male-dominated, no question, but the two women who emerged as part of the Oceanic Six did receive some strong material and delivered well throughout the season. There was a lot of external cards being played that meant less focus on these characters, but that neither were able to break into their respective categories leaves the Lost representation severely limited. We shouldn’t be surprised by Kim’s snub for her work in Ji Yeon or her heartbreaking turn in the finale, considering the Elizabeth Mitchell’s showier turn last year was even ignored, but it still hurts that she has never gotten attention for what has been a highly compelling role. Lilly may have gotten one of the weakest flashes of the year, but she submitted a smart episode (”Something Nice Back Home”) and continues to do solid work when asked. They’re not the worst snubs in the world, but they still sting.

9. Matthew Fox (Lost)
Categories: Lead Actor, Drama Series

Considering that Lost’s fourth season was fairly male-dominated, you would expect that its male lead might get some recognition. However, Matthew Fox’s role is a bit of a divisive one for viewers as they question whether Jack is a likable character. That hatred has never made sense for me, mainly because that’s part of the point: Jack as a character is a flawed man thrust into a leadership scenario that he isn’t actually comfortable with. His mistakes have all been in an attempt to serve the common interest and deal with his own demons, and while he’s had some rough patches I thought the fourth season was a strong one for him. While it didn’t quite have the same material he got last year in that first flashforward, the season saw Jack facing both present and future crises in a way that maintains Fox’s strong work…and was at least stronger than Patrick frakkin’ Dempsey.

14. Jorge Garcia (Lost)
Category: Supporting Actor, Drama Series

From some of the feedback the list has created amongst Lost fans, there has been mention of the lovable but oft-overlooked Jorge Garcia, whose work as Hurley has always been strong. I think that one of the reasons he didn’t make this list to begin with was that he was never close to being in contention considering the show’s more well known candidates. However, that doesn’t mean his work wasn’t award worthy: his work in “The Beginning of the End,” in particular, showed a great sense of nuance and tragedy that is something Garcia has always been good with. Of televisions various characters largely relegated to comic relief, Hurley has proven capable of handling the emotional weight of a drama series in a way that elevates the show as a whole, and it’s a pity that a lack of name recognition meant Garcia could never be honoured as such.

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