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Lost star Evangeline Lilly has revealed that she developed skin problems while filming for the show in Hawaii.

The actress, who plays Kate Austen on the programme, developed a habit of surfing in the sea whenever she was given a break by producers - but her complexion soon suffered due to the salt water.

"Last season of the show I surfed constantly, which was cathartic for me, but the sun and salt water wreaked havoc with my skin so, for the first time in my life, I had skin problems," Lilly explained.

"I ended up wearing a full face of pink pure zinc to protect it. I looked ridiculous with this bright pink face but I just wanted to surf!"

Evangeline also told InStyle magazine that her slim figure is a result of frequent indoor aerobics sessions.

"I dance around my living room to cheesy 80s aerobics music until I'm sweating really hard!" she explained. "I also walk a lot. Walking is a very underestimated exercise in North America. It's all run hard, lift weights and push your body, but walking is wonderful for elongating the body and posture."

Source: Digital Spy

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