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Jack - No.3
Since boarding Oceanic Flight 815, the dashing doctor has made the thought of being deserted on a strange island a lot more appealing to females everywhere. From the moment the passengers hit the beach, this talented spinal surgeon gets to work, saving lives and stealing hearts. A natural leader, Jack is haunted by a very troubled past and if the recent flash forwards are anything to go by, he looks set to have a rather bleak future. Losing out to Sawyer when it came to winning Kate’s affections, he has now switched his attentions to Juliet, so sorry ladies, if you want a piece of The Shephard you’ll have to join the queue. Hard when he needs to be, Jack is not afraid to crank up the violence yet he is gentle and caring with those he protects. However, many questions still hang over his head – even his own identity is a mystery, as we are constantly reminded of by his tattoo, which reads, “He walks among us, but he is not one of us.” Though he’s famed for ‘fixing’ people, we’re sure he’s broken more than his fair share of hearts.
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Kate - No.10
Convicted killer, crash survivor and all round badass, Kate is the island’s resident man magnet. The apple of both Jack and Sawyer’s eyes, she chooses naughty over nice. Kate is a survivor in every sense of the word, her life before the crash was spent on the run, while on the island she is the strongest of the female characters and is always willing to take extreme measures if she believes it’s for the greater good. She is one of the [un] lucky few to escape the island and make it back to civilisation but with who? Despite being stranded on the island, Kate still manages to maintain her sexy allure, resisting the urge to (how shall we shall say?) ‘Go French’ – any man stranded with her should consider himself very lucky indeed.
Source: SCIFINow

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