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Thanks to Flyer for the following.

A huge picture book called Wind River Country by Bayard Fox. The introduction in it is by movie star Matthew Fox of the hit TV show LOST. He is a native of Crowheart.

Foreword by Matthew Fox

The vast wilderness areas, rushing streams, limpid lakes and rugged mountains make this an ideal location for viewing wildlife, fishing, horseback riding, mountain climbing and many other outdoor sports.

My first clear memories as a child are of East Fork of the Wind River. I lived with my mom and dad and two brothers on a ranch 17 miles by dirt road up the East Fork valley. Up to that time, we had lived quiet lives, but this was the most solitary existence: no phone, no TV and often weeks and sometimes months between visits to the little town of Dubois 30 miles away. Dad's project was to convert a small working ranch into a guest ranch that would later become the Bitterroot Ranch. It was there, during those 3 years, that I started to form my view of the world. It was a life most little boys can only dream about. A place where my brothers and I rode horses and scrambled down rocky river banks to fish for wild cutthroat trout. We spent summer days racing walnut shell sailing ships down hay field irrigation ditches- their little white paper sails on toothpicks disappearing over headgates and into oblivion...

Source: bitterrootranch

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