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This is an interview with B Clay Moore, the graphic novelist whose latest project Billy Smoke has been optioned by Warner Bros. with Matthew Fox signed on to play the starring role. He starts talking about Billy Smoke at the 23:00 minute mark and talks about it until around the 38 minute mark. Here are some of the highlights and they are not verbatim.

- He is wrapping up the script for the graphic novel
- The graphic artist is wrapping up a promo piece that displays all of the characters in the story
- Having the book optioned with an actor attached before the book has been finished gives them the chance to hopefully build on some of the buzz surrounding Matthew Fox.
- Matthew Fox wanted to fly into Comic-Con specifically to sign with him (B Clay Moore) at the Oni booth to promote Billy Smoke. Fox is very enthused about the project.
- Fox dropped in on the LOST panel and then came and sat down with him at the Oni booth. They had tons of LOST fans that had no clue what they were accepting posters for.
- Fox turned out to be just a phenomenally nice guy. He’s just a really down-to-earth nice guy, really enthused about the project and really fits it well.
- Having Fox attached to the project helps the graphic artist wrap his head around who the character might be. Because they think Fox is such a great match for it, fits the vibe they’ve had in mind for the character, it works out really well.
- Fox’s enthusiasm and the people around him, their enthusiasm for the project, has really put a different kind of pressure on him (Moore) as he wraps it up. Now he’s writing not just for himself and the publisher, but he wants to make sure those guys stay enthusiastic about the product that their movie will based on.
- Best case scenario is that the movie and the graphic novel release simultaneously.
- The idea isn’t to translate the book to the big screen, but to create a great movie from the concept. Warner Bros. wasn’t gambling on the fact that the graphic novel Billy Smoke was going to kick ass, they were enamored with the concept.
- Matthew Fox is a guy who a lot of people think is on the cusp of big things and he wanted a vehicle.
- Billy Smoke is a textured character, he’s a hit man who is having a crisis of conscience. On top of that it’s a really fun story with a crazy cast of characters that he deals with as he sort of seeks redemption for straying off of the straight and narrow into this world of assassination.

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