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Thanks to kinky_willow for the heads up.

Lost creators Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have given the show's star Matthew Fox the greatest references as he gets set to wrap up the desert island drama - they're convinced he'll be an Oscar nominee within four years.

Both feel sure the Vantage Point star will turn his back on TV and concentrate on making challenging movies.

Cuse says, "He has that cocktail of dangerous and charming. He has a leading man's good looks, and heroic qualities as an actor."

And Lindelof tells Details magazine, "He has the potential to be a leading man, but I think he's interested in those quirky transformative roles.

"Three, four years from now I can see him getting a Supporting Actor nomination... He wants acting to be hard, to be torture. He does not want to ski the bunny slope."

Source: IMDB

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