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Lost’s Josh Holloway is Playboy magazine’s February 20Q (available on newsstands and online at www.playboydigital.com (NSFW) on Friday, January 16).

The Bad Boy of Primetime Shares His Thoughts on the Show’s Upcoming Season, Surviving a Home Invasion and Getting Caught Speeding in Hawaii --

“Having a gun held to our heads when we’re naked in our bedroom at four in the morning is never going to happen to my wife and me again,” explains Josh Holloway on surviving a life-changing home invasion in the February issue of Playboy (available on newsstands and online at www.playboydigital.com on Friday, January 16). “I took the FBI training course. I have home protection. I accept that we live in a gun society, especially in America. Of course there’s also the statistic that owning a gun increases your chances of being shot by 300 percent.”

Though Holloway portrays hot-tempered con man James “Sawyer” Ford on the hit show Lost, now heading into its fifth season (premiering on Wednesday, January 21), the rugged heartthrob is anything but tightlipped in Playboy’s February 20Q. The following are selected quotes:

On being a victim of a home invasion robbery: “It still gets me. The guy was a crackhead who had hit 22 people in two and a half weeks. He took an 80-year-old couple and duct-taped them up. He also attempted to murder another guy. I had a nightmare about it last night.”

On Lost’s upcoming fifth season: “I don’t know sh#t. In last season’s finale some characters are trying to get back to the island. I have a feeling—this is just my projection—we’re going to get deeper into the lore of the island and where people on the island will end up. I love that Sawyer is still on the island and not back in society, where he’s such a bastard. He has evolved a bit, but I don’t know how he fits into society anymore.”

On his rise to stardom: “My first job, at the age of 11, was picking up dead chickens in a chicken house. After that I worked in a restaurant. At the age of 13 I went into construction, which is what most rural people do—either that or become a mechanic or chicken farmer. When I was 17 I got a haircut in Atlanta, and the lady said, “Do you want to do a hair show? I’ll give you a free haircut.” I said no, but when she said, “It’s you and 12 girls,” I said, “I’m in.” The guy who organized the show worked at a modeling agency, and I started doing ads for Macy’s. Then I got an offer to model in New York, so at 18 I took a Greyhound bus and off I went.”

On his sexy co-star Evangeline Lily: “Evie’s most attractive quality is her willingness to just throw herself into sh#t. She’s a pretty girl who’s unafraid to take a big handful of dirt, shove it in her hair and wipe it across her face. She’s always saying, ‘We’re not dirty enough.’”

On filming in Oahu in Hawaii: “It’s an island, very easily patrolled, and we are the only big celebrities who stay there all the time. I was going around 50 in a 35 zone, and that’s embarrassing. I should have been going faster.”

*Read Josh Holloway’s 21st question starting Friday, January 16 at playboy.com/21q.

Source: Playboy Digital

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