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Transmissions from The Others - Songs about Lost

Easthampton, MA, January 29, 2009-- The Others have released the first two companion songs for the fifth season of ABC's hit show Lost "Time is a Street" and "I Heart My Shih-Tzu". Get them first by joining "Transmissions from The Others", a subscription plan that let fans download the latest Others' song each week. Subscriptions are limited and enrollment ends on February 11, 2009 at 10pm EST, just after the fourth episode of Lost.

"Transmissions from The Others" is a paid subscription service directly from The Others. Those enrolling for the $8 subscription (that's less than $0.50 a song) will receive an email containing an MP3 of the latest Others' for each new episode of Lost until the finale of Season 5 as well as specials throughout the season. Those that enroll this this week will receive the first two songs, "Time is a Street" and "I Heart My Shih-Tzu".

The Others are will be releasing a song each week that Lost airs during Season 5. The songs will be available each week before the new episode airs, and can be purchased and streamed on The Others Myspace page: www.myspace.com/theotherslostband and The Others website www.theothers.thethungs.com. The current song can be purchased for $0.49 and older songs are $0.99.

About the Others:
The Others, whose name refers to a mysterious group of strangers on the Island, turn hour long episodes into songs. In letting the episodes guide them, The Others, are not tied to one musical genre, and try to make each song sound different from the last. The songs have many direct references to the show, but the themes tend to be universal, and listeners not familiar with the show can enjoy them as much as dedicated fans. While watching the show Shannon Purcell, the band's songwriter, takes notes and listens closely for lines that might make a good hook or chorus. He brings the song to the band and over the following days they flesh out an arrangement and record the song. During the season The Others record a song for each episode and posts it to their website and Myspace page before the next one airs. The Others began writing songs about Lost in 2006 and recently release a double CD collection of songs entitled "Seasons 3 & 4". The Others began as a side project of Easthampton, MA based band The Thungs during the second season of Lost. As the story of Lost progressed, so did the Others, and with the help of their local fans and dedicated online followers, has grown from a fun side project to a band with a life of it's own. This progression has earned The Others international attention from the Lost fan community.

The Others are in no way affiliated with ABC, Walt Disney, or Bad Robot Productions.

Transmissions from The Others http://theothers.thethungs.com/merchandise.php
For promotional photos visit http://theothers.thethungs.com/press
Listen to songs from The Others http://theothers.thethungs.com/mp3s.php
The Others on Myspace www.myspace.com/theotherslostband

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