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Prior to this past two weeks’ one-two punch of “316” and “The Life And Death Of Jeremy Bentham,” Lost has aired Jack episodes and Locke episodes back-to-back three times. It happened twice in Season One: With “Walkabout” (in which Locke hunts boar and we learn about his handicap) and “White Rabbit” (in which Jack picks up his father’s body in Australia, and on the island takes responsibility for leading the castaways), then with “Deus Ex Machina” (in which Locke meets his biological mother and father, and makes a series of decisions that lead to Boone’s death) and “Do No Harm” (in which Jack gets married to a woman whose life he saved, and on the island fails to save Boone’s life). And last season we had the one-two of “Something Nice Back Home” (about Jack’s appendicitis and his deteriorating life off the island) and “Cabin Fever” (about Locke’s boyhood and his arrival at Jacob’s cabin).

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