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Grant Bowler Interview


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The name Grant Bowler may not immediately ring a bell with American audiences, but if he keeps doing what he's been doing the last few years, that will change fast. We first saw the Australian actor in his role as Captain Gault on 'Lost' (he was the head cheese of the freighter before being relieved of command by Keamy the mercenary), and his current role on 'Ugly Betty' as Connor Owens is definitely making a splash at the ABC hit.

Back in Oceania (he was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia), he's famous for his role on the wildly popular 'Outrageous Fortune' and as the former host of 'The Mole', among other things. We chatted with Grant about the shake-up he's caused on 'Ugly Betty', his 'Lost' days, and what's in store for him in the future.

TV.com: Is there any chance you'll be back on 'Lost' again?

Grant Bowler: Look, I hope so. I'd love to go back on the series. I had an absolute ball on 'Lost'. Again, a very successful show, tremendous show. So I'd love to go back on. I don't know, if they call me, I'll be there about twenty seconds after they call. But the thing with 'Lost' is that you have no idea until 10 minutes after you were meant to be there, what's happening. I don't know anybody on the show who's not in the dark. So your guess is as good as mine. But if J.J. can hear me, really, I'm up, I'll go again.

TV.com: Actually, I just spoke to Damon and Carlton earlier this morning. I didn't get a chance to ask about you, I should have. I should have lobbied for you to come back.

Grant Bowler: Yeah, thanks, mate. Next time you get a chance, do, because I would love to. But yeah, no, your guess is as good as mine.

TV.com: All your scenes were on the freighter.

Grant Bowler: We were on a freighter and it was great. When we were shooting the final episodes, the last couple of nights we were out doing the stuff on the freighter, the seas got quite big. And we actually couldn't get off the freighter on my last night. We had to take the freighter--we couldn't get off the freighter onto the transport boat. So we had to take the freighter all the way back in. And I remember that as being one of the longest days I've ever had in my life, because the freighter took hours to get back in.

TV.com: Did you know how long your stay would be on 'Lost'? Or did you just pick up a script and see that Keamy was going to shoot you?

Grant Bowler: I picked up the script and saw that Keamy was going to shoot me. Yeah, that was as much of a surprise to me as it was to anybody else. In fact, I was really enjoying the episode up until then. And that was hilarious, because I was sitting in the living room with my wife, and I went, "Ugh!" And she went, "What?" And I went, "I'm dead!" She went, "Oh, that's not good." And I said, "No, it's not!"

Source: TV Guide

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