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ABC joining Hulu?

Thanks to Lascelles Linton for the heads up.

Do you Hulu? Apparently, ABC and ESPN want to Hulu. According to inside sources, Disney is in serious negotiations with Hulu to carry ABC, and less likely, ESPN and some Disney Channel content. It should be noted that Hulu is partially owned by NBC/Universal, DVICE's parent company, and Mickey owns ABC and ESPN.

Currently, ABC has a pretty decent player on its own website. I've spent many hours (on my lunch hour, honest) catching up on Desperate Housewives and Lost. So you have to wonder why ABC wants to join Hulu now? Could it be the 33% boost in Hulu popularity after Hulu's latest round of ads? Are you loyal to a network, or will you go anywhere to catch up on your favorite show?

The speculation implies that Disney wants a longer commitment from NBC to Hulu. Disney/ABC probably doesn't want to get onboard without knowing that NBC isn't about to jump ship. ABC will also want to maintain the player on its own website.

What do you think? Would you prefer a single source for all your TV fixes? Hulu is how I roll, and anything that improves the selection is a good thing.

Source: DVICE

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