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As Lost's Season 5 heads into its final three weeks, TVGuide.com's Getting Lost video series counts down the season-to-date's most resonant episode-ending "thump" moments, as voted on by readers.

Among the Top 5 is, of course, the capper to "He's Our You," in which Sayid guns down a young Ben. Michael Emerson emailed us the morning after that jaw-dropper aired, saying, "When Sayid shot Young Ben, I looked at my wife, Carrie [Preston] — who was in a state of shock — and said, 'Yikes. That's more than a flesh-wound.'

"If it's as bad as it looks, what happens now?" Emerson mulled. "Do three seasons of Lost DVDs suddenly erase themselves?! And what will I play in Season 6 — Might-Have-Ben?"

As if he didn't know that Ben didn't die on the spot.

Also in this installment, I reveal the dominant theory coming out of last week's Burning Question, which asked about Faraday's recent whereabouts. I then send a new puzzle your way, this one regarding the last unsolved mystery regarding Flight 316. Send your best guesses to Getting_Lost@tvguide.com.

Source: TVGuide

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