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The Lost Interviews was able to interview Francois Chau, he plays Pierre Chang on Lost.

NOTE: The full interview contains some very mild spoilers.

From an actor's point of view, how do you approach a role such as Pierre Chang? Seeing as you didn't know his real name for three seasons, how did you create a back story for him?
From an actor's point of view, it was easier in the first 3 seasons to play the character because he was just an image in the videos. I was basically doing a strait forward educational video. I knew there was something more mysterious about the character, but as an actor, you can't play that. The lucky thing for me was that the viewers came up with their own ideas about the character.

Who filmed the Dharma Booth video shown on Comic Con 2008? The video in which Pierre implied the past can be changed. Did Daniel Faraday film it?
I'm told that you can find out who filmed the ComicCon video in the DVD extras for season 5 when it is released.

Full interview: The Lost Interviews

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