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You think this Wednesday is all about the season finale of "Lost." You think the excitement only starts when the episode airs. But you’re wrong, boys and girls. So very wrong. Read on to find out why this is the place to be come Wednesday before "The Incident" blasts into your mind.

What exactly are you talking about?
I’m talking live chat, baby.

Pshaw. That’s not big. You’ve done live chats before.
Not like this.

You mean this one will actually be interesting?
Oooh, burn. But that’s fine, I can take the heat.

So what makes this one so different?
A variety of things, at least three that will please you immensely.

The first?
It won’t be during the show! We've done some live in-show chats before, but this will be during the day. You need not worry about missing out on any of the action, and you won’t have to worry about being spoiled if you’re not on the East Coast like me.

So when will it happen?
It’ll start 2 pm EST this Wednesday, May 13th, in the window below. And it’ll run…well, that’s up to you, but let’s just say I’ve DVR’ed my stories for that day for later viewing. “General Hospital” can wait.

I’m still not getting the big deal. Oh no, you’re not gonna sing “South by South Pacific,” are you?
No way. But I am bringing along a few friends for the online ride.

I’ve got a murderer’s row of the best online “Lost” bloggers all converging here to give their insights as well.

So it won’t be an afternoon of just you making 80’s references and WAAAAAAAALT jokes?
Again, I like thy wit. And nope, you’re gonna get a variety of non-spoilery insight from the best and brightest around.

So who’s coming along?
We’ve got DocArzt himself, Jon Lachonis; Erika Olson from Long Live Locke; the one and only JOpinionated; and the co-creators of SL-Lost all coming to chat. This will be THE epicenter for live “Lost” chat on the interwebs about the season finale.

Is there anyone from the cast or crew of the show tagging along?
Not yet, though I’m holding out hope Nadia will show up. Not Sayid’s deceased wife, but Mikhail’s former cat.

So how can I participate?
Easy! Stop by here at any point starting at 2 pm this Wednesday. We’ll be discussing theories, making predictions, and making sure you’re fully equipped to watch the season finale of “Lost” in the best possible way. This should be a fantastic way to both get you pumped for the episode and make those last hours go by a little faster. Hope to see you there!

Anything planned between now and then?
Only he most comprehensive "Lost" death pool you're bound to find anywhere, going live tomorrow.

The chatting will take place here: Zap2it

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