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Update: 26th June Thanks to Christy from a lost-spoliers yahoo group translated and gave permission to share the bolivian news story translation. Her comments are in parenthesis.

"We want to show you these images. This first image. Pay attention. This picture was apparently taken from one of the passengers moments before the collision And after it broke apart. This pictures were recovered from the memory card of a camera. The first is a hole in the fuselage in which, if you pay attention you can see the tail of the plane and a vertical image of the plane. And the second picture, one of the passengers was thrown off the plane through the hole. They were taken by a digital camera Casio z750 (yes, they even have the cameras make and model). The remains of the camera were found in the Cachimbo mountains in Brazil (didn't it crash in the middle of the Atlantic? No mountains within thousands of miles?). Apparently the camera was destroyed but the memory was recovered. Check the camera's serial number, the owner was identified as Paolo Muller (even it's owner!), a theater actor for kids from the outskirts of Porto Alegre. You can imagine the photographer was standing up during the turbulence so that he could take this images second after the tail broke off. The camera was found close to piece of the cabin. The movement of the structure probably made the engines brake off, slowing down the falling speed (WTF?!) and protecting in some way the electronic equipment but unfortunately not the victims."

Thanks to Terry and others for sending this in.

Bolivian TV channel PAT has been left looking a bit daft after broadcasting extraordinary images of the last moments of Air France flight 447, lost over the Atlantic on 1 June:

According to the report, the snaps were retrieved from a recovered Casio Z750, which was subsequently traced via the serial number to its owner - "Paulo G. Muller, an actor from a well-known children's theatre on the outskirts of Porto Alegre".

In fact, the camera can be traced to ABC Studios and sharp-eyed readers will notice that the photographs feature well-known actress Evangeline Lilly, aka Kate Austen from TV series Lost.

PAT has fallen hook, line and sinker for a hoax email, and to add to its embarrassment, has failed to appreciate that while the flight 447 disaster occurred at night, the images represent the daytime fictional break-up of Oceanic Flight 815

Source: The Register

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