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Thanks to my good friends at Todo Series for the following.

We’re David and Dani from Todoseries again… We’d like to explain you our little big adventure with Matthew Fox in Madrid these days. Thanks to Cuatro (the channel which is now broadcasting the series in Spain) we had the opportunity of having an interview with him. That was on Wednesday. However, we arrived to Madrid the day before, because we had some work to do, and we also had a meeting with our readers. So we had dinner with them and after that went for a drink (Madrid at night is awesome!)

By 2am we were 8 people (bad number!), so we headed to the hotel. And then, it happened. In the middle of the street we met Matthew Fox.

Imagine how mad we were… meeting Jack! By coincidence! What are the odds?

As soon as we arrived to the hotel, we posted this: http://todoseries.com/series/matthew-fox-destiny-calls-67045

We talked to him about the next day, when the interview would take place. And that was a brilliant idea, because he and his agent recognised us, and we could take some pictures with him, then he signed us a bunch of posters. We were the only people allowed to do that! So we think we were touched, at some point in the past, by Jacob…

These are the exclusive photos we took:

Source: ToDo Series

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