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First of all, I personally do not consider any of the information below as spoilers, but it is all based on speculation and rumors, so if you do not want to know anything then do not continue reading.

Now, if you have been keeping up to speed with the LOST news or Rumors over the last week or two, then you perhaps have seem the ABC Promo which featured former LOST Cast Member Dominic Monaghan. Immediately all of the earlier fan theories that Charlie and perhaps other Losties will be returning seemed like they might be coming true.

Rumors, speculation, and more about Charlie returning for Season 6 instantly spread through the net like a wildfire with hurricane force winds. However, as quick as the word spread across the globe, word came from ABC that Dom appearing in the promo did not mean he was returning to LOST.

Of course with ABC having two new high-profile SciFi shows ready for the new season with other LOST cast members (V with Elizabeth Mitchell and FlashForward with Sonya Walger), the attention turned towards Dom appearing in a guest role in one of these two shows. It was then apparently confirmed that Dom was indeed set to appear on FlashForward. Why I say "apparently", more on that later.

BTW, we are STILL receiving emails and scoop submissions about that promo... :)

After a week or so and the news of the promo slowly dwindling, our good friend DarkUFO received a tip from someone with a Twitter Acct that claimed he worked for Endeavor Talent Agency that BOTH Dominic Monaghan and Maggie Grace (Shannon) were in talks to return for Season 6!?

I personally did not believe it for a moment and Dark posted the information in his Rumors section and contacted his contacts. However, like the ABC Promo, this Tweet fueled whatever lingering speculation into a full on media blitz across the internet about the potential returns of both Dom and Maggie. EW, E! Online, TV Guide, Zap2It, and several other sites began making posts and trying to check with their sources.

This news blew up so big that several of the pop blogs, movie blogs, and even gossip blog Perez Hilton had made posts!!

However, little did all of these sites know that while they were making posts, Dark was working hard to figure out how valid the information was from the Twitter account. I would say almost hours after posting in the rumors section, the employee from the Talent Agency came back and said their source was wrong and made a mistake.

Of course this did not convince many people, so sites and fans continue to wonder and figure out whether either Dom or Maggie are returning!?

Well where does that leave us!? Both actors reps were contacted and neither would confirm or deny anything. Dom's reps actually confirmed that he would love to return, but that there were no concrete plans. At the time Maggie's reps said that they had no idea about all this speculation and claimed it was all news to them.

So basically things began to settle down for about a week until today. What changed today!?

First the producers of FlashForward spoke with LA Times about Flash Forward and they were asked about Monaghan being cast on FF and well here is their response:

"Obviously, we're not going to tell you that....So much of the speculation is so . . . wrong; it's awesome."

So what speculation is wrong and about what!? What do you all think that means!?

Additionally earlier this week, E! Online reported some more speculation reporting:

"Very reliable sources now tell us that there is "mutual interest" (between the Lost PTB and Dominic Monaghan)"

Next, today came word from E! Online again today that Maggie Grace told them that she is "looking forward to visiting Hawaii soon." Of course this could mean anything and Grace stopped short of confirming whether she was going to Hawaii for work or for pleasure, but that she is definitely open to returning if the writers wanted her back.

So there you go!! Both are open to a return, but no one is confirming or really denying that they have even talked about returning.

Yes, I know after reading this post you basically have no new additional information about whether we will see Charlie or Shannon again in Season 6, but it makes for good hype and buzz.

Of course a major thanks to all of you for the heads up about all of these posts and filling our inboxes with LOST love!!

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