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Thanks to 7976Lost for the heads up.

With greater Emmy power comes greater responsibility.

As the nominating ballots head out to Television Academy voting members today, all the power is back in their hands. Last year's experiment with blue-ribbon judging panels, who chose five nominees from the voters' lists of 10 finalists, has been scrapped, and the nominations will be chosen entirely by popular vote.

On the plus side — thanks to another rule change — they get to fill six slots in the major series categories instead of five, which should make it easier for a few new nominees to slip in.

On the down side, the voters have a fondness for quixotic choices, ignoring worthy new or small shows in favor of fading hits, or succumbing to the allure of the flashiest ads or the most expensive boxed sets.

What can be done to bring us a better slate when the nominees are announced July 16? If you're a voter, you could just pick up your pencil (or computer) and mark those nominating ballots as instructed below.

Click here to see the suggestions. Of course LOST has been suggested as Best Drama.

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