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Live Chat with Jorge Garcia

Update: 13th August Thanks to Jrcaporal for the summary.

Here are some statements:

*At the time, he was in Costa Rica, with the winners of "Tu Teoria LOST" (Your LOST Theory), sponsored by AXN.
*Jorge doesn't know what's in the case, sometimes they just put a guitar on it.
*He says season 6 will be melancholy
*He'll miss Hawaii and his friends, he has no other projects after LOST so far.
*He'll be shooting on August 24th!!!
*His dog is called Nunu, a hybrid of Chihuahua and Dachshund.
*He likes to watch Ben :p, and he misses Dave :(, he syas we won't see any Libby on season 6.
*He has seen U2.
*He says if his character dies it will be with dignity.
*He's 36 right now, and has a girlfriend.
*He can contact Claire (Emilie), he has her phone number.
*The first actor he got to know was Terry O'Quinn(Locke).
*The most dramatic scene for him was when Jack visits Hurley in Santa Rosa.
*He and Matthew (Jack) laugh all the time when they do scenes together.
*There are no chances for LOST The Movie.
*His favorite episode is Dave or The Pilot.
*He might cut his hair later :p.
*We might see more Locke on season 6
*He said he thought Libby's story was going to be told, but then it didn't happened.
*He Loves JAWS, and he likes Al Pacino, he's watching Saturday Night Lights and he just finished Fire Emblem on DS, he's watching old episodes of The West Wing.
*Emerson's wife is in True Blood.}
*He already has the script!!!
*We can send him letters!!!, at:

Jorge Garcia c/o Grass Skirt Productions, 510
18th Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816, USA
*He likes to be in his huert, is his hobby.

*He also sends autographs, not only letters.
*Season 6 will make him cry :( (We wil too)

And those were some of the highlights of last night :D

Thanks to Jrcaporal and Carol Lilly for the heads up on the following.

It'd be great if you let the DarkUFO readers know that the tv channel AXN that airs Lost here in Brazil and in other Latin American countries will held a live chat with Jorge Garcia on Wednesday (August 12th) at 11pm (Brazil time).. Also, maybe someone could make a transcript of the best parts especially potencial spoilers.

Here's the link: http://ve.axn.com/axn-connection

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