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Thanks to Amy for the heads up.

Thanks to the glory of the Internet video age, we can do our own "Lost"-style flashback... and find those early roles that the cast of "Lost" had to take to make ends meet. Roles that, by and large, they would probably like to keep buried. But just like Charles Widmore, I kept on searching and searching... and thanks to my searching, it's bad news for the "Lost" folks.

Here are 11 pre-"Lost" roles that the cast (past and present) probably wishes we'd all forget about. And I've got video evidence of all 11.

Evangeline Lilly (Kate) in... a Canadian phone sex commercial - It's not quite doing porn for the money and then getting famous like so many "American Idol" contestants... but it's close. Sometime in the early '00s, when Evangeline Lilly was still living in Canada, she did this commercial for Livelinks, a party line (a.k.a. sex chat) for singles.

The subject matter as a whole is most definitely an embarrassment for her now... but I'm guessing the most humiliating part is her ragin' Canadian accent, which really shines through in this ad when she says "out." (It's at the 0:14-0:15 mark below.)

See all 11 Roles at the link below.

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