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Hey All,
First of all Happy Birthday LOST!! Five years ago today, the LOST Pilot aired and many of our lives were changed forever. Do you ever wonder what would happen or where you might be today if you did not watch LOST!?

Obviously you would not be reading this post but I wonder sometimes what if I did not have this site?? What would I be doing in my spare time!?

Well in honor of that I have a video for you all. By now most of you have seen the strange commercial promos released at Comic Con hinting at maybe what to expect in Season 6, but how about this? An ALT version of Cindy working for Bissell Vacuum Cleaners!?

Confused yet? Well this is not from LOST, but a real commercial that Oceanic Air Flight Attendant Cindy (aka actress Kimberly Joseph) filmed for the Bissell Vacuum company.

I would like to note that she is taking care of kids!

Thanks to 803er for the heads up

Source: The ODI

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