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Long before LOST and Juliet Burke appeared on her resume, actress Elizabeth Mitchell starred in the 1998 HBO TV movie “Gia.” Based on the true story of Gia Marie Carangi – a supermodel in the hedonistic 1970s who contracted AIDS from an infected needle, and died at the age of 26 – the onscreen relationship between Mitchell and headliner Angelina Jolie is making news because it includes a nude lesbian love scene.

The re-release is uncensored and in high-definition. I’m not going to post the clip, but if you’re interested in the Mitchell/Jolie love scene, you can watch it here. To take it out of context devalues the rest of the film which is actually quite good. Tragic, but still very good.

“Gia” earned the then-virtually-unknown Jolie a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award win, along with an Emmy nomination.

According to WENN, Mitchell vowed never to throw away a shirt she found in the trash as a struggling actress, believing the garment landed her the “Gia” role.

"It was a man's shirt, but it looked expensive, and I was broke and sleeping on floors – so I took it. (Then) good things started happening. It's my lucky charm!" she says.

Source: Examiner

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