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Update: Thanks again to KayAhNu for these 2 new updated images which show some comparisons of the characters.

Update: Thanks to DarkUFO reader KayAhNu who has tried to identify all the people for you. Have they made any mistakes? The image is behind a button for those that want to try and guess them for yourself.

Thanks to Davi from http://dudewearelost.blogspot.com/2009/09/x.html for finding this.

Brazilian magazine called SuperInteressante has made a cool cartoon poster including no less then 95! characters in it.

They've also did a very fun game that challenges everyone to identify the deceased characters.

Here are the links to the poster and to the game http://super.abril.com.br/infograficos/info_495927.shtml

Can you identify them all?

Source: SuperInteressante

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