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US, February 8, 2010 - Those of you who saw Hiroyuki Sanada's new character on last week's season premiere of Lost might have recognized the actor from such English films as The Last Samurai, Sunshine and Rush Hour 3. But Sanada's career actually spans over 40 years, and Japanese projects such as The Twilight Samurai, The Ring and Detective Zame have made him a household name in Japan and garnered him international acclaim.

In 2000, Sanada was the first ever Japanese actor to perform with the Royal Shakespeare Company, playing the role of The Fool in King Lear opposite Nigel Hawthorne. For the role, Sanada was awarded an MBE from the Queen of England. In March, you can see Sanada opposite Anthony Hopkins in James Ivory's The City of Your Final Destination.

IGN TV had a chance to catch up with Hiro Sanada and talk to him about his new, mysterious role as Dogen, the Temple guardian.

Source: Full Interview @ IGN

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