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Tsunami warning for Hawaii

Update: 23:30 Update from Carlton

Update: 22:38

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center "guardedly optimistic" that Hawaii has dodged worst. At least another hr. b4 possibly cancelling warning.

Update: 22:30

@TWCBreaking Water level shifts associated with tsunami waves are catching fish by surprise in Kahului. Many exposed areas!

Update: 22:25

@HawaiiRealty: Two islands off of Coconut Island are underwater .

Update: 22:15

TWCBreaking RT @BreakingNews: 5.6-foot #tsunami wave recorded at Hilo Bay of Hawaii, Pacific Tsunami Warning Center tells NBC News

Update: 22:11

@TWCBreaking This is only the 1st wave....subsequent waves could...repeat could...be larger! #hitsunami

Update: 22:08

@TWCBreaking 3-4 foot initial tsunami in Kahului, per Pacific Tsunami Warning Center #hitsunami

Update: 22:06

RT @HawaiiRealty: Tsunami is not as bad as expected so far. Now hitting Barber's Point on Oahu

Update: 22:01 Tsunami Projection (via wikipedia)

Update: 22:00

Water level rising atleast 3 feet in Hawaii now, ALL EYES on Hilo Hawaii,

Update: 21:55

CNN reporting that tsunami has officially begun.

Update: 21:50

Live Bouy Data here

Update: 21:48

Live Feed of Waves

Update: 21:46

@HawaiiRealty: You can see the white water moving backwards over the reef in Hilo Bay. Not looking good.

Update: 21:45

@HawaiiRealty: 1st wave is coming in to Hilo Bay rt now. Looks to be coming in pretty fast

Update: From RT @TWCBreaking: RT @k8dt: RT @HawaiiRealty:

The whales have disappeared from around the islands, says Hawaii News

Coconut Beach area completely underwater. Big Island.Water looks to be receding.

Update: 20:55 Another live stream can be found here


Update: 20:50 From Breaking News Twitter.

Hawaii #tsunami forecasts: Hilo 11:05 a.m. local, 6.9 to 8.2 feet; Honolulu 11:37a.m., 1.6 to 2.3 feet; Kahului 11:26 a.m., 3.6 to 10 feet

Here is a live video feed.

Update: Here is the latest from CNN with about 30 mins before the first waves are due to hit.

All commercial ports in Hawaiian islands closed to incoming traffic.

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The Tsunami is due to hit Hawaii around 11:00am

Looks like the Fademagazine report was bogus

We hope that everyone out on the Islands and elsewhere will be OK! Thanks to everyone for the heads up.

Looks like a Tsunami warning has been issued for Hawaii and other areas after the massive earthquake in Chile.


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