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CTV.ca interview: 'Lost' guest star Andrea Gabriel has a girl-crush on Evangeline Lilly
by: Tyrone Warner
Date: 3/2/2010 12:17:00 PM ET

Gabriel’s Nadia has even earned the distinction of appearing in at least every season of the series (unlike most “Lost” guest stars, and several series regulars), beginning as an imprisoned suspected Iraqi insurgent, to later moving into a house of her own in Los Angeles.

And like many characters on “Lost,” even though Nadia met her own grisly death last season following Sayid’s return to LA as a member of the Oceanic Six, that doesn’t mean Gabriel won’t be appearing on future episodes of the series.

In fact, Gabriel reprises her role as Nadia in the Sayid-centric episode “Sundown,” airing Tuesday, March 2 on CTV.

Sworn to strict secrecy, Gabriel was unable to give CTV.ca any details about her appearance or clues about where the current and final season of “Lost” is heading, but did offer up her own take -- as a fan -- on this season’s reality-warping flash-sideways twist.

“I think it’s fascinating because I kind of believe in that, so I’m wondering how they are going to tie it all in,” says Gabriel.

“I believe there are alternate realities out there with subtle differences from our own, and whichever one is happening takes the least amount of energy to sustain. When the bomb went off maybe it gave an amount of energy to one reality over another in order to sustain it.”

On playing Nadia in a variety of world-spanning situations, from a dark Iraqi interrogation camp to the sunny streets of LA:

“I’m glad the Burka didn’t survive season one! It was very hot in there. I loved just being able to come back in different situations and wonder what would I do here? What would I do if I’m mugged? What if I was buying a house? In America, how good at the language would I be now? Would I know how to drive? These are the questions I was asking myself in seasons two and three. Then in season four, the whole thing behind my story was, I’m in America, and I’m comfortable here, but I’m going to be alone. Then when Sayid comes back, that adds to her joy, because I worked very hard to make it here on my own. It’s a miracle, you know? And then I die!”

On her approach making Nadia accessible:

“I always try and look at her as a woman, living under certain circumstances. How would any woman live under the type of circumstances she did. If the Republican Guard were happening in America, how would a woman respond to that? What if you’re a very intelligent, ambitious, idealistic woman, and you can’t express any of that? I don’t think Nadia was that directly involved as an insurgent, in the fighting or the bombing. She was helpful in a way a woman could be helpful.”

On working with Naveen Andrews (Sayid):

“I love working with him. Every time is just... it’s so much fun. We really do have shorthand when we fall into these characters. It goes to show you as an actor, in every job, really pay attention to the people, even if it might go nowhere... because we had such a wonderful time in season one, and he was so generous, every time I go back, it’s just easy to build off that positive initial experience.”

Source: Full Article @ CTV

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