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Funny article by Matt Webb Mitovich from Fan Cast .

An on-screen countdown clock promoting the return of ABC’s ‘V’ had ‘Lost‘ viewers madder than the Man in Black getting kicked out of a “No Smoking” section Tuesday night. ‘Lost’ boss Damon Lindelof didn’t have kind words for the constant blemish either.

The worst part of it all: The relentless reminder largely failed in its bid to recruit ‘Lost’ viewers. ‘V’ saw 30 percent of its lead-in audience decide it was “time” to go to bed or change the channel.

Coupled with the ABC logo “bug,” the ‘V’ clock claimed a conspicuous amount of screen space and even obscured key moments, such as when Jin viewed photos of his daughter for the very first time, or this pivotal scene in which Sun communicated with Jack by notepad:

Say what? “I don’t trust him“? Or “I don’t trust Vs”?

The latter is an understandable sentiment… save for the fact that ABC’s remake won’t premiere for another two years in ‘Lost’ time. As Lindelof caught the West Coast feed, he grumbled on Twitter, “Yes, people, I saw it too. 34 minutes until I cry myself to sleep.”

Twitter user @bottomrighthand offered this positive spin on the badly received bug: “I’m just glad Lost finally answered some of our questions. You know, like “When does V start?” or “How long til V, again?”

But the Nielsen ratings suggest that a large chunk of ‘Lost’ fans weren’t asking those questions or caring about the answer. Or maybe they were so peeved by the clock they chose to boycott the aliens-among-us series?

Source: Full Article at Fancast

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