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ABC "Lost" star Ken Leung shook the hands of star-struck students who were receiving awards for their hard work at the Sui Wah Chinese Language School yesterday.

"I understand what a pain it is going to language class," said Leung who plays Miles Struame on the ABC hit show filmed in Hawai'i. "I went to language school too, but not for very long. Had I not learned Chinese, some things in life wouldn't have happened for me. I wouldn't have gotten to go to China with my grandmother or get Chinese-speaking roles."

Leung's character joined the cast in Season 4 as a spiritualist who had been born on the island years earlier. His character has the ability to extract information from dead bodies.

Yesterday, Leung played the part of a proud person of Chinese heritage at the school's Open Day, an open house for parents to come and see the work their children have been doing every Sunday at the Chinatown language school.

Source: Full Article @ honoluluadvertiser

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