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24 Hr Greek Lost Marathon

Thanks to GreekCharmed for the following.

Hey Dark!

I wanted to let you know about a LOST marathon with a contest and prizes that will be held here in Athens, Greece tomorrow. I don't know if this can be posted in your blog, but I wanted to share it just for the fun of it!
The FNAC stores are holding a LOST 24hours marathon starting tomorrow Friday and ending Saturday. 40 LOST Greek fans will be chosen after completing an application to be in full lockdown mode inside an Athens FNAC store in a special made Dharma "FORUM" station for 24 hours. They will be watching LOSt episodes starting from Season up until the finale of Season 5. The contestants must endure insomnia, must adjust to the pressure, must be addicted to LOST, should pay attention to the episodes and have good memory and know their LOST trivia because after the end of the LOST Marathon they will fill out a questionnaire with questions from the episodes that were shown in order to win the big prize. If a contestand falls asleep during the Marathon, he/she will be kicked out. No cell phones allowes except during breaks between episodes. They can bring with them a pillow, a blanket and they can be dressed in their favorite LOST gear. During the Marathon they will be offered food, wate! r, coffee and refreshments and 2 meals will be handed to them.
The prize for the big winner is a trip to Tunisia for 2.

Source: FNC

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