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Lost Memorial Wristbands

Thanks to Samantha & Anita @ LOST Wristbands for the following.

Lately, my roommate and I have been thinking it would be nice if LOST fans could have a way of identifying one another as "in mourning" after the finale date. We came up with the idea for black wristbands with white text, a la LOST's signature title card. A day after we began to generate some buzz online, we had already sold out our pre-sale batch of 200! We recently ordered a second batch of 300 more wristbands, and will keep ordering more so long as there is demand. They are going for $4.23 a band, plus $1.75 domestic shipping. Additionally, $1 from every wristband will be donated to the Children's Defense Fund.

This next batch of 300 wristbands is going on sale in 3 waves of 100 at these times:

Monday, May 3rd @ 10 p.m. EST
Wednesday, May 5th @ 4 p.m. EST
Friday, May 7th @ 10 a.m. EST

We would love if you could help us out by spreading the word! Please check out our website and Facebook page:

The pictures you will see are obviously mock-ups, and real pictures will be posted as soon as we get them.

Thanks for checking it out!

Samantha & Anita @ LOST Wristbands
Blog: lostwristbands.wordpress.com
Store: lostwristbands.bigcartel.com
Twitter: twitter.com/lostwristbands
Facebook: facebook.com/lostwristbands

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